3 Ways Quarantine Helped My Creativity.

From the look of this beautiful space, you can tell that I haven't been responsible to post regularly. Every blogger has used this opening sentence in half of their previous blog post before and I am guilty of abusing it as well. But I've been all over the place when it comes to capturing the... Continue Reading →

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I can remember vividly my creativity skyrocketed with my first pack of crayolas at the tender age of 5. My love for photography started in my late teen with points and shoot camera. From there, that love birthed my other hobby which is editing pictures. Although composition is King when it comes to photo, something... Continue Reading →

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Haiti living : My insight story

On the 3rd anniversary of moving back to Haiti, I wrote a heartfelt post about the transition. It was a chatty post from the bits of culture I picked up as a young adult. If I start describing all the goods that I’ve gained from my move back, one of the things that have been... Continue Reading →

2 Reasons you can wear sneakers

I am your typical high heels, blazer, cardigan casual yet not too casual girl when it comes to my personal style. You could say that my style is a pretty safe one. However, since this year has been one for transformation I decided that would also include how I manage and transform my taste in fashion... Continue Reading →

Continuing the year strong

How fast have the Happy New Year wishes have already died down? The resolutions, are they still hanging in there or have you forgot about them already? The possibilities are endless so are the opportunities. As we are quickly approaching the end of the first month of the year, I want to be reminded of... Continue Reading →


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