Continuing the year strong


How fast have the Happy New Year wishes have already died down? The resolutions, are they still hanging in there or have you forgot about them already? The possibilities are endless so are the opportunities. As we are quickly approaching the end of the first month of the year, I want to be reminded of the 3 sisters that works wonders in a human’s being life. These strong sisters share a bond like nobody else.  These ladies are none other than AFFIRMATIONS, FAITH and WORK. They each shine on their own and have powerful meaning onto them. Imagine how much of an impact they have once  we let them manifest in our lives. But can we all visualize how dope these 3 are in harmony? I am going somewhere just wait now.

The mindset of pushing ‘reset’ button during the start of a New Year may be ridiculed but it’s never a bad reason to start over again….(You know you can start over anytime during the year right? awkay just checking) Whatever you are doing, whether it’s vision boards, setting up goals, planning, shouting affirmation all of these are positive magnets bringing in nothing but positive and healthy vibes. But this year as we are getting our things together let’s not lose the work we actually have to put in to get anything accomplished. Let’s go deeper in our walk by inviting faith in the midst of our affirmations and work.





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May all your needs, wants and desires be met throughout the exploit of your Affirmations, Faith and Prayers BRos and SiS

All Love

That Fille Sophie

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