4 Great reasons to stay at Copley’s House


I love being a city girl.

I love being around people, I love seeing the skyscraper. I tend to be fascinated and lost in my thoughts when I am looking at the skyline through the night in the city. That is the feeling that Boston brings to me. There are so many gorgeous picturesque places in Boston that I have yet to explore but the few ones that took my breath away is the one that I am about to share with you. The name of the place that we stayed in for our Girl’s trip is called The Copley House. This little jewel is located in the middle of South end f Boston. You can easily take a stroll around town when the weather allows it. There are peaks of fancy restaurants, organics shops. Downtown crossing and china town are not too far from the hotel.Although the place’s choice was my best friend’s choice, I have to say that I had an overall wonderful experience loving the city of Boston even more. Here are my top 5 reasons why Copley house is so memorable.




1-A Home Feeling
As you’re crossing the gates from the office to your actual room, you are transported into a feeling of no place like home. It fills you up with nothing but nostalgia with the rustic vibe from the inside.

2-Essentials Utilities
There are essentials utilities at your disposal if you plan on staying for awhile. Things such as a microwave, coffee maker, a teapot. A little table booth set perfectly for another round of wine with laughter with the girlfriends. Or a romantic home cook meal date with your lover possible with the stove inside of that same room. As you are comfortable within that booth, there’s a window facing the streets just so you’re not totally disconnected from the neighborhood

3-Breath-Taking Neighborhood
Copley’s house neighborhood reminds me of Mister’s Roger neighborhood. There’s a mixture of red wine and burgundy color red bricks that surround the neighborhood. It gently reminds of Mister’s Roger friendly neighborhood. Fit children, teenager, and adult can enjoy.

4-Clean and Crisp
I can’t talk about my memorable moment spent at this hotel without mentioning how clean the unit was. There was dozen of towels at our convenience. The bathroom is cozy with the lights bouncing from the mirror giving a nice glamorous touch.

5-Nice Staff and Customer Service
Customer service is the backbone of any businesses. As a first-timer, I felt welcomed. They were courteous and made you want to come back again. Hats off to the staff for stepping in as quickly as possible when we had issues with our heat.

PS Those are based on my honest opinions 

Nothing but Love

That Fille Sophie

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