2 Reasons you can wear sneakers




I am your typical high heels, blazer, cardigan casual yet not too casual girl when it comes to my personal style. You could say that my style is a pretty safe one. However, since this year has been one for transformation I decided that would also include how I manage and transform my taste in fashion as well. Besides trying to transition my hair from relaxing to its natural state (This will be for another blog) I’ve developed a penchant for *cue the drumrolls* Tennis shoes. As much as I love my high heels, tennis shoes give my aching arch better support.These guest tennis shoes were a gift from My Guy and what better reason to have them in mind when I am planning an outfit. The reasons why I have adopted tennis shoes in my wardrobes simple.


Because of how dressy these shoes are, they are able to give a cool chick vibe to an outfit that is considered to be’Haute’. If I am going somewhere that requires being dressed up, they are most likely to be in my purse as the second pair of shoes. Whenever I am done with my event, if my feet aren’t able to bear the weight of my heels, I changed into them. It doesn’t take away from my dressy outfit, au contraire it just gives it an edgy transition and I am able to walk faster to get to my train.


Long gone are the days were I am compromising comfort over pain. My closet will remain filled with heels but these type of tennis shoes have won my heart. My urge of buying ballerina flats has come to an alt since my discovery of tennis shoes. The pain of my back has decreased tremendously because there’s a bit of reasonable support in my feet. The surface doesn’t feel too flat. 

I noticed that tennis shoes were making a huge come back for fashionistas. There’s a way to add your swag to them. I’ve been greatly influenced by the cool kids at my school with the way they wear their with their tennis shoes wear and also influenced by my Guy too. If you’d like to give it a try, places like Primark, Marshalls, TJ Max have varieties of styles for the girly girl in you. See you in the next post

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