Community College Vs Public College : My Opinions


You might be a high school student wondering if attending College is for you.
Or if you would rather take a year from graduation to explore.
Or if you should attend a  community college or a state college?
Let me just cut the small talk and share my story as the shy girl who found her confidence by attending a community college.


Before I graduated high school, there were days when I skipped class to stay in bed and feed into my depression of feeling like a failure. As the majority of my classmates were getting their acceptance letters posted in our Senior English class, I remembered receiving 3 rejections letters back to back from public universities that I wanted to attend in Florida. In the midst of the rejections, my acceptance letter from the small private Christian college made me happy. However, the cost of attendance for that college was similar to giving an arm and a leg. Hence I had no choice but to consider attending the community college in my town. Even with a 3.4 GPA, graduating with honors and perfect attendance I came in too short with my standardized test scores. After successfully graduating from high school in June 2008,  I started my first classes as a college student in my town school called Polk Community College in the Fall of that same year. The load of work felt similar to a 4-year school. My professors were strict about getting our answers from the syllabus and we even had a lounge area like most colleges. Even with all of the things described above, I developed a complex of inferiority whenever I’d scroll down my FB feed and see the updates of my fellow high school mates.


Their albums were filled with pictures taken from their cramped dorm rooms. Pictures of their found new group of friends where they all held the classic red cups. I am older to admit this but getting the chance to be a little independent and know a life outside of my comfort zone was something that I longed for.  I took this combination of being envious and inspired by my chance of staying engage and focus on my own work at Polk Community College. Soon enough I started loving the small size of my classes because it brought connection and facilitate connection with other students. I had tutors who were eager to help me in my difficult homework.  Plus I had professors who helped me reach my potential in writing and helped me develop a sense of public speaking. So much greatness had happened that I obtain my Associate Degree in 2 years and a half.


Graduating with an AA from Polk State College in the state of Florida guaranteed me a spot in a public college within the state. However, after having a fulfilling experience with my AA degree, I took a shot in the North by transferring to the home of the Bears at Bridgewater State University to obtain my Bachelors. 

I am sharing my story hoping to reinforce the positivity impact of community colleges. I am not encouraging mediocre work, however, starting fresh from a community college is everything BUT degrading. 

My Winter at #BSU

In fact, I just finished my first semester at BSU and that experience was amazing. The details will be followed from my next blog post.

In all her glorious black excellence


2 thoughts on “Community College Vs Public College : My Opinions

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  1. This is wonderful, every life experience we can learn from and it can help us better ourselves. You are amazing! I highly recommend community college first. I hate the stigma on it. My 1st year of college I went to university and was so overwhelmed and got super depressed. That is why I moved to Florida with my mom and went to Polk CC then when I moved back home I became a much more confident person and was able to handle situations better. When I went back to school at an university I was 22, confident, I had my own apt, worked full-time in a school, I was focused, I had family around, great study buddies that turned friends. It was a much better experience compared to when I was 18.


    1. OMG Meme thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. I was overwhelm by the stigma to it but I am so glad I tried and finished strong. I am so glad you became confident and you came out powerful through that experience


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