My amazing local tourism experience at BASSIN BLEU at JACMEL Haiti


First time I visited Jacmel, I was with my mom when I was just 11 years old. She was on a mission trip with her choir so she brought me along. Surrounded by just grown folks it helped that my God sister was present too. That week-end trip was filled with the smell of fried eggs and coffee aroma tickling our nostrils in the morning, the distant sound of the wave crashing and touring churches like pops stars…okay maybe not pop stars but visiting local churches and churches from the province was something a PK endured.

tourism in haiti
jacmel 3

A decade after that visit, my eyes and my legs  basked in the glory of this beauty called Jacmel. The roads to get to this vibrant city was made in continuous S uphill roads, enough to make your heart race when the bus driver had to double the one in front of him blocking the speed of the travel.

After  what seemed to be an eternity in my seat, I joined the other travelers and opt for the opportunity to continue the road by foot. At the altitude that I stood on the mountains, I was able to see the coast of Jacmel being adored by its waves. The continuous virgin mountains of motherland in one sight. After chasing beauty from the next we started groaning like impatient children wondering if we were there already.

jacmel 5
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jacmel 9
jacmel tourism

Before I landed to the breathtaking sight of Bassin Bleu, I had to take off my socks and shoes to cross. The interesting part of this journey was getting down to the destination by literally swinging on a rope. Although this part of the trip took me by surprise, holding on to a rope to get down added an interesting and adventurous twist into the trip. At first touch the water was cold but after splashing from left to right in no times was I fully in the water. The rigorous walk to the beautiful sight was worth it.

Next time you’re thinking about a mild hike…Think of Bassin Bleu

All Love BRos and Siss

That Fille Sophie

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