Edit your pictures like a pro

I can remember vividly my creativity skyrocketed with my first pack of crayolas at the tender age of 5. My love for photography started in my late teen with points and shoot camera. From there, that love birthed my other hobby which is editing pictures. Although composition is King when it comes to photo, something about turning a Raw Image to something dreamy, tropical or nostalgic with editing softwares excites me. I can never post a straight out of the camera photo because I haven’t put my touch on it yet. But with times, my phone became more accessible than my own camera. I use my phone for a lot of tasks when it comes to digital contents, editing and writing. In this advanced age I know I am not the only person who uses her phone just to compose number and say hello. Allow me to share with you the wonders and the amazing works from using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. If you’re looking for the app to add that extra sauce on your daily picture, work picture, your vacation pictures, kids pictures you can easily download it from the App store and Google Play for

Once you open the app you will see technical words such as exposure, contrast, highlight, shadow but fear not those are words used to describe the amount of light your picture is receiving when you’re playing around with these tools

The pictures you see below are a rapid transformation of the picture I took with my Iphone XR, that same picture being processed on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and the final processing.

We live in the state of Massachusetts but we are true Caribbean so I had to make all of the beautiful color pop and make you feel as if you were tasting the taste of these slushies.

Tools used to enhanced pictures

This template above is specifically what I use to get the tropical vibe that I wanted in this picture. You can use my example listed as your guide to play with or you can also go crazy and explore lightroom on your own. Either way it’s an app that you will love.

Please keep in mind the quality of how the picture were taken prior may also affect the outcomes of the newly processed pictures.

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