3 Ways Quarantine Helped My Creativity.

From the look of this beautiful space, you can tell that I haven’t been responsible to post regularly. Every blogger has used this opening sentence in half of their previous blog post before and I am guilty of abusing it as well. But I’ve been all over the place when it comes to capturing the essential way I keep track of creating contents. I bought a domain for my blog, remodeled my social media platforms only to feel stuck in lifelong writer’s block and creativity hole. Controversial enough, here are the 3 Ways how Quarantine helped me with my creativity.

1-Planning by writing ideas down : I’ve always been good at remembering my ideas but writing them down instead gave an establish vision of what I wanted to accomplish. Some ideas prospered into being executed projects and some had failed. I remembered when I started getting my feet An example of this is when I started filming beauty contents on my YouTube channel . I wrote down or pin down pictures of eye looks that I know could serve my audience. They were looks or tricks that I knew my audience would be interested in.

2-Teaching myself to shoot with my DSLR camera : Even though I reach out to my Iphone for 99% of all my creative executions I still feel the need to shoot with my Canon Rebel Camera. My Iphone delivers nice photos but I also reach for the impeccable quality of a camera. One day during the months of the lockdown, I got my camera and tripod out of their dust corner and started shooting in the living room. The next day I took it outside on the front of the house even though neighbors could watch me. Can you believe that I let my camera seat on my nightstand for a good year? Quarantine helped me stop going in multiple directions all at once in my head and pick up the camera once again.

3-Rest : I’m not sure why resting is look down upon but sometimes that is what your body needs. The burnout stage of creativity is real and frustrating. The gentle way for me to rest while protecting my creativity juice is to take that time of quarantine to simply rest with the fine balance of going back to create.

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Stay Safe and Healthy

Sophie ❤

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