Thoughts on Turning 30

First thing first, I would like to come forward with sincere apologies to the people I once thought were old when they are in their 30’s. Once you turn 25, understanding the concept that time flies goes by hits you differently. I am now a couple of days away from welcoming a new decade into my life and truth be told…friends I am terrified. Throughout the month of November I’ve withdrawn myself from my peers and stopped pursuing the activities that brought me joy. An uncontrollable stomp of anxiety took over my life and left me weeping for days.

Friends, I am aware that stripping intimate thoughts like this on the internet may be frown upon. If you’ve made it this far into reading this article, allow me to transfer a generous amount of positive thoughts into your life at this very moment if you’re feeling some sort of anxieties. I’ve come to cherish my 20’s because it symbolize exciting eternal youth, impactful milestones. Why am I affraid that I will not be able to achieve other milestones? Life doesn’t end in our 20’s nor should you.

I am turning 30 and I have nothing to show for it” That particular somber sentence ringed loud and clear at every waking moment. The great intensity from that self-destruction even led me to delete some of my favorite social media apps. I’ve always been skeptical when people would feel the need to broadcast their hiatus on social media until the table turned on me. I was baffled at my own ignorance for failing to realize that part of my anxieties came from measuring my 20’s with my online peers. As a creative, I’ve always sought the positivity of the internet space. But in that particular time frame, I’ve failed to realize that I got stuck in the rabit hole of stalking people’s milestones on the internet…

I’ve learn from navigating my anxious heart that every ends is a new beginning and yes welcoming my 30’s is among that new beginning. Even though I am both excited and anxious I know without a doubt anything I didn’t get to achieve in 20s will be achieved regardless the age that I reached. I have also taken in consideration that any personal development, life lessons, life achievements and investment that occured in my 20s are also great gains. Without going in comparisons I know a couple of people who have turned 30 throughout the year and they are doing OKAY, living and striving despite an ongoing stressful pandemic. Living, Striving and Florishing are the best companies that I’d like to welcome for my 30’s.

The last message that I want to include for those who might feel blue entering that decade as well is that life isn’t about how far ahead that you are in the journey. It’s acknowledging where you are and all the courage you’ve invested to achieve your current milestones.

Keep living your best life


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