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Hello My Good Friends

Thank you for stopping by my little spot. Whether it’s to read my latest piece or catch on the previous posts on the blog, I am excited that you take interest in what I write. ELF has product and it is the new color correcting cream aka CC cream. Before I go in further into this post, I want to put a disclaimer. This CC cream that I am reviewing is a complimentary from Influenster (yay) on behalf of ELF cosmetic. However the opinions are solemly mine. I was delighted to receive my first complimentary box from Influenster and the fact that it was on behalf of ELF cosmetic also made it symbolic for me. It may not be a big achievement to some especially in the bloging sphere but I am still excited to have been selected for this campaign.

This CC cream is a great alternative for those who are looking forward to ditch their foundation. Upon reading the details, it claims to be lightweight and gives medium to full coverage. As a beauty enthusiast (and former beauty junky), I love the routine of putting on foundation. But there are several times during summer time In Massachusetts or when I am in Haiti that I don’t mind skipping foundation altogether. There are several shades ranging from fair, light, medium, tan, deep and rich. One of the several key ingredients that interested me in the product is that is has SPF 30 to protect against sun damage. It is Infused with hydrating and youth-boosting ingredients known to improve skin texture and tone.

This is my face right before I start my makeup routine after my morning skin care routine to prep my skin.

Now my take on the product : I received the CC cream Camo in Tan 415 unfortunately the shade just didn’t work well for me. The most practical way that I use the products where in place I’d do my highlight like the bridge of my nose, under my eyes, my chin and forehead. Had it been in my shade I would apply it to the area that needs the most color correcting for an even skin tone.

My only letdown of the product from my observation is the way the shade was against my skin complexion. I wished with all my heart that it was a product that worked with my skin tone. I’d recommend this product if you just need some color correcting to even the overall appearance of your face. I personally can’t wait to try this in the upcoming summer because I know i’ll need to take a break from using my foundation.

Right after my makeup application

Thank you so much for viewing and reading this post. I am interested to know if you’ve ever heard of the Camo CC cream from ELF or have you tried or are you also a fellow influenster user? Talk to me 🙂

Until next time


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