5 Ways you can stay warm and be cute during winter season

5 ways you can stay warm and cute

I am the friend who never forgets to bring her sweater with her. I need to be covered with a blanket no matter the weather. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I either pile on 50 shades of layers whenever winter is around. My favorite thing to do is being transported by my fascination and observe the way people dress up. I love the way they keep themselves warm while adding a bit of flair to their personal style in the mix. Street style is everywhere from heading to class, rushing to get to the subway or boarding on the commuter rail. Those are the following tips I’ve managed to grasp in order to slay and remain warm

5 ways to stay cute and warm during the winterimg_2248




1-Mentally prepared to face the cold.
If I tell myself “You got this, you can do it” while I have on my 50 shades of layers, 90 percent of the time I am able to brave the reality of the cold when I need to step out. It’s my own seasonal affirmation to get me going and it helps to remain in the positive light to do what I have to do. Although this isn’t a piece of clothing, being mentally prepared to brave the cold is a positive mentra to face your daily activities during the winter. 

2-Choose a coat that covers your read end.
If you’re easily cold, I am passing down this rule of thumb that a friend gave me on my first year which is to choose a coat long enough to cover your butt. Although it makes perfect sense to cover your hands, chest, throat, and legs, I find that covering my butt with my coat give me more heat to survive and walk. 

3-Add on accessories. 
Blanket scarves, infinity scarves with warm texture are my biggest necessity to keep my upper body warm. It adds a lot of styles, color and flexibility in my daily wear during the beginning of a harsh winter. You can also make a statement by additing accessories such as beanies, leg warmers, gloves and leg warmers. Picking some of these accessories in your color choice add a nice pleasant touch to your winter fashion statement. 

4-Stay Hydrated at all time
We’re keeping this advice simple here. Winter is the driest season and the best way to keep and retain moisture in the body moisturize is through the food and liquid that we absorb. From my own experiment in the short amount I’ve lived here, winter is harsh on my hair texture too. I do a lot of protective style to give it moisture and do other tasks to help it retain that moisture as well. The best way to keep the moisture in your body flowing is to consume liquid. Don’t underestimate the power of keeping your body moisture even if the chill weather convinces you to do otherwise. Water, hot home remedy tea, hazelnut aroma coffee are the best way to keep your body hydrated.

5-Layering with Tights
You can layer on tights for internal use and external use in your personal style during the winter. On days that the weather is win it will be windy and it’s cold I wear tights under my pants for extra warmth and it works. Depending how cold it can be in your region layering with multiple tights can help you stay warm. Externally you can choose to wear solid-colored tights with skirts and cute winter dresses. You can even go for the option of pairing some colored tights with ripped. 

If you live somewhere where it gets really, really cold, you can ever wear tights under your pants for extra warmth. A brightly colored pair of tights peeking out under some ripped jeans is a very cute look! Or, you can layer fleece lined leggings under a pair of sweats.

Although we are days away from Spring,I can only hope that you are all staying warm and in style

With Love


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  1. These are great ideas! I’ll definitely have to consider purchasing a full-length coat. It doesn’t get extremely cold here in Houston but I’ll do what it takes to stay warm. Great read!


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